Frequently asked questions

What is gin liqueur? Is it gin? What can I put it with?

Gin liqueurs are usually lower in strength than standard gin, however, Moose Gin Liqueur keeps the strength of 37.5% ABV whilst bringing fruity, sweet profiles to the forefront. Moose Gin Liqueur can be enjoyed on it's own over ice, or you could partner with our favourite choice of lemonade, or partner with your favourite tonics and even use in cocktails.

My gin liqueur has changed colour?

It's no secret that liqueurs can change colour over time. The colour will fade faster in sunlight but will still happen if kept in a cool dark place. There could be a difference in colours in different batches, the longer the bottle is sat the lighter it will go. The product is still perfectly safe to drink but we do suggest they are best kept in a cool dark place and ideally drank asap because lets face it, why would you let it sit!

When will my order arrive?

Your order will arrive 3-5 working days following your purchase. If you would like a quicker delivery then please get in touch and we can see what we can do for you.