It all started back in January 2020, in a time way before any pandemics were heard of; a simpler time where a guy named Shane White had an idea. I am Shane and my idea was to create a new exciting gin liqueur. Inspiration for the name came from the place I admire the most, my home. In my home is my partner Jade whose nickname is Moose (don't ask). Alas there was born the name, Moose Gin. We think our gin is unique in the fact it is stronger than the normal gin liqueurs that you may see. We delicately infuse the London dry based recipe with different flavours to create our gin liqueur. We currently have 6 flavours with the addition of seasonal flavours throughout the year. We aim to introduce new enticing flavours in relation to the seasons/events of the year to keep things fresh and exciting whilst keeping with flavours we currently stock. Moose Gin Liqueur is available in a 50cl bottle or we do offer 5cl bottles and always have amazing offers on those including our gift pack. All the flavours we offer pair well with the traditional tonic, lemonade, sparkling flavoured water and even on its own over ice. One review has said "Delicious!! Currently sipping the mango one. Arrived so much quicker than I thought it would, I didn't have tonic in ready. So, I tried as suggested just over ice and it's so yummy!! Highly recommend". We hope this has given you an insight into our new Moose Gin Liqueur venture.